Thought Field Therapy (Tapping) or EFT Emotional Freedom Technique:

What is TFT/EFT? Discovered by Dr Roger Callahan, a Californian Psychologist. TFT is a unique form of psychotherapy backed by over twenty-five years of research and development.

TFT is the father of EFT. With TFT/EFT, real changes can usually be made in just six sessions. There is no need to go into great detail about the problem/trauma. TFT/EFT is sometimes described as “energy psychology” because a client seems to make quantum leaps forward in their treatment. (TFT works in a similar way to EMDR which helps PTSD – Post traumatic Stress Disorder).

What to expect:

The client simply thinks about their problem. There is no need to talk about a problem, making TFT/EFT the most useful therapy for victims of crime, assault, rape, verbal or sexual abuse, and childhood trauma.
Whilst the client thinks of their problem, I ask them to tap on specific points on the upper body and hands. TFT does not change a thought, but simply deactivates the negative response to that thought.
Nothing else changes; memories and learning’s remain the same Simple problems such as fears and phobias can often be removed in one treatment session, often in minutes, more complex problems, may take longer. TFT/EFT is a great tool for addiction making giving up smoking or eating to excess easy to deal with.

Case study

A young mother came to me in a very distressed state; she suffered panic attacks in public places. This had got worse since the birth of her daughter. This young woman was distress because she felt she would never be able to do anything ‘normal’ with her child such as go to the park, take her to parties go shopping even. After just 2 sessions of TFT this young woman was a changed person. My client came for 4 more sessions to iron out old fears and really get on top of things. I am still amazed at the fast results of TFT.